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We Get Outdoors Podcast

Jun 24, 2020

Nature and the outdoors truly matter, they are the biggest legacy we can leave future generations. Today the tables get turned and Rob is in the hot seat. Co-founder of We Get Outdoors with over 30 years experience in the outdoors, Rob shares why the outdoors matters and how we can work together to ensure our children will still have the biggest playground when they are adults. Rob has been sharing his knowledge on YouTube with his videos sharing the skills needed to thrive in the outdoors.


Rob has ran expeditions across most continents, kayaked some of the biggest waterfalls and trained 1000s of outdoor leaders. More importantly he is a father who is determined to ensure his daughter has an outdoors to enjoy and that those keen to make a business in the outdoors have the skills to do so.

In this episode Rob and We Get Outdoors co-founder Mark talk about what the outdoors teaches us and how we can apply it to all aspects of our lives, why mastery is one of the most important concepts to protect, how intelligence will always be the biggest differentiator to those who succeed and those who don’t and which scout badge he was most proud to receive!