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We Get Outdoors Podcast

Nov 1, 2020

In this episode we get to meet the founders of Vagabond Kayaks, Celliers Kruger and Lisa De Speville. While Vagabond Kayaks is a relatively new manufacturer, this is not Celliers’s first rodeo! He is best known for being the original brain behind the internationally acclaimed brand Fluid Kayaks.

Lisa De Speville is originally from the world of Adventure Racing, where she achieved some pretty remarkable things and it was here that she learnt to paddle kayaks.

In this episode we discuss how Celliers got started with Fluid Kayaks, how the outdoor industry has changed, why they set up Vagabond Kayaks and what they believe the future of the outdoor industry to be. We also talk about dodging crocodiles, hugging hippos, getting kids into kayaking and how you can get better quality kayaks made in South Africa than in the USA!

Sit back and enjoy

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