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We Get Outdoors Podcast

Mar 31, 2020

In this episode, EJ and Mark discuss how to survive in the wild, the role the mind plays in the outdoors, what makes a great partner and what to pack when you head outdoors.

So, if you want to know what EJ's biggest advice is to get outdoors, how the outdoors helped him transition through the various stages of his life, how committing to your dream really changes your life, and how planning for whatever may happen might save your life then listen to this incredible episode and learn from one of the biggest names in the world of survival.


In this episode, you'll discover:

- What makes a great partner in a survival situation

- Who is EJ’s favourite Naked and Afraid partner

- What are the four things every outdoor enthusiast needs to learn?

- What is the Law of 3s in survival

- How EJ survived growing up in New Jersey

- What it takes to survive in extreme situations

- What is on EJ’s life list

- Which does EJ prefer Dual Survival or Naked and Afraid

About Our Guest:

EJ is an Extreme Survivalist, Adventurer, and Retired Army Combat Vet. He is an expert in leadership, tracking, trapping, building shelter and equipment, primitive weapons, navigation, security, self-reliance, and self-defense.

EJ is the only person to complete 3 Naked and Afraid challenges and was a host on Dual Survival. Following 25 years in the military he has taken those skills into civilian life working in movies, starring in reality shows and now passing on the skills to those keen to thrive in the wild.

EJ’s accomplishments include:

- 25 years military service under his belt, serving Ranger positions in Infantry and Airborne units

- Earned two Bronze Star Medals, the Legion of Merit, the Order of St. Maurice (Centurion), and over 40 other Medals and decorations while serving

- Attended US Army Survival School (SERE-C) and Tracking Course and became the Primary Survival and Tracking Instructor for the course

- Most known for his role and stunt work as “Redfern” a Freighter Boat Mercenary of the Hit TV Series “LOST”

- Recruited for several Top Reality Competition Shows, being a Finalist for “Survivor 21” and “Big Brother 14”

- Recently joined by his Naked and Afraid XL Partner Jeff Zausch for the 9th Season of “Dual Survival”

If you want to get in touch with EJ then visit to see what he is up to. You can also follow him on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or on his YouTube channel -

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