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We Get Outdoors Podcast

Apr 28, 2020

In this episode, Taku and Mark discuss what is the essential outdoor cooking equipment, the benefits of an outdoor cooking grill and his favourite outdoor cooking recipes. Taku struggles to answer whether he prefers Japan or the US but then shares how a walk in San Fransisco could feed you.

So, if you want to know the secrets to harvesting, how sustainability is the most important lesson to learn, how to feed yourself on a long hike, what is the next big thing in the outdoors and what is one of the coolest thing to learn …. as well as a load of laughs, then this epic episode is for you.

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About Our Guest:

Taku is the creator behind Outdoor Chef Life. He started fishing with his dad at age 5, fishing for large mouth bass in Japan, where he was originally born before coming to California when he was 9. He was going to SFSU when he discovered his love for foraging. It started with harvesting plants in the local area then moved onto the coast, where he could find an endless variety of fresh seafood. While studying, Taku worked as a sushi chef. After graduating he worked in a physical therapy clinic for a year before realizing his passion was being a chef and decided to pursue it. Even if he's not filming for the channel, he spends his free time doing more research and thinking of more content ideas.

Outdoor Chef Life got started in May of 2018 by Taku. He decided to combine his passion for the outdoors and cooking to create a unique and exciting channel. He knew how rich the sea life in the Bay Area was but felt that it wasn't being represented enough on Youtube. He always had a love for fishing but foraging became his main method of harvesting. He was always making delicious meals while camping even before the channel started so it was only natural for him to display his culinary expertise. As a sushi chef, seafood doesn't get fresher than harvesting your own.

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